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Open upfront pricing

We are one of the only Junk Removal companies that offer open upfront pricing before you call, and contactless services! You can text or email photos of what you need removed, and we will give you an accurate quote instantly. Keep in mind, final prices are always determined on site, a upon closer inspection. Junk Removal jobs, estate clean outs, pickups and deliveries are all priced differently. Below you can see how our open up front prices are structured. 


General Junk Removal

Will be charged by the load accordingly.

(Trailer size 18x6.6x5 = 22 cubic yards!)


Estate Clean Outs

Estate clean outs will be charged by the hour at $80 per hour, plus load size charges as displayed above. The first hour is always FREE, only load size charge will be applied if the job takes under an hour to complete. What's the difference between an estate clean out and general junk removal? Estate clean outs are when customs need assistants loading, packing, boxing/bagging, and or choosing which miscellaneous items need to be cleaned up and removed. Most Estate cleanouts take 2 - 3 hours depending on the size, number of rooms, and organization of items that need removed. Whereas General junk removal normally takes under an hour, because the items that need to be removed have already be selected and isolated in a specific area, making pick up much quicker and convenient. Upon request, we also offer a same day full cleaning service as well, after all the items of choice has been removed our team will detail you home to make it market/move in ready.


Some items are not allowed to be dumped in the general trash land fills. There are only certain locations that accept these items and these locations charge more per each item listed below. These surcharge prices apply to all of our services we offer, except pick up and delivery. 







Dumpster Rentals 

(Trailer size 12x6x4 = 10.67 cubic yards)




Pick-ups and deliveries  

Will be charged hourly 






We do our best to quote as accurately as possible before arriving, but all official quotes will be determined on site. We are the most open and  transparent junk removal company in the local area. Most companies will just tell you they charge by the size of load, so "we'll just have to see how full the load is at the end of the job", leaving you with a surprisingly high bill. 911 Junk Removal will talk you through everything you need done step by step, and assess any photos you might have, to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. With this kind of transparency, you can trust that you are getting the best price for your specific needs, and that your in good hands.

Payment Methods 

We accept Cash, Cash app, Zelle, PayPal, and Credit/Debit (+4.9% convenient fee for credit/debit only)

So if you have some stuff that you need hauled away, moved, relocated, or if you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking the "Let Chat!" bottom. You can also contact us directly at (813)203-9838 or

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